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Hinterlands Campaign  


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Hey everyone! 

We are going to get a 4-week campaign started using the Hinterlands rules. For those unfamiliar with this, the Hinterlands rules are an unofficial supplement that allows us to have skirmish sized games set in the same world as Age of Sigmar. You start with a small warband (4-6 models on average) and throughout the campaign you add to that number. Each game allows for your warband to gain experience, get injured, or even die. It is made to be a narrative driven experience! You can find the rules for hinterlands here:

In addition to this, we will be adding a single modification from the AoS28 expanded rules. We will be using the added summoning so that chaos and lizardmen can do a bit of summoning as well. You can find the AoS28 supplement here:

  • We will be meeting each Wednesday to play, starting on the 26th of July.
  • You must get a single game in each week to stay in the campaign. Wednesday nights are the times we have scheduled space so join us then!
  • I will take the sign ups the first night so if you wanna join be sure to show! Please bring a list of all of your warband along with their names
  • The results from each game will be reported at the end of the match.
  • At the end of the campaign, we will have a small tournament event using the very warbands you have developed! Depending on how you fared during the campaign, there might be extra surprises awaiting you in the tournament as well!

Now this is a format made to create character filled models and stories so you are encouraged to make modifications to customize your models! The more unique and characterful they are the better!

Note: one thing that I need to make clear is that things such as the Deepwood Lore or the Artifacts of the Glades from the Sylvaneth book count as "Allegience Abilities" and therefore cannot be used. 


If you have any questions just let me know! I look forward to seeing you all at the store! 


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