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Warhammer 40k Tournament - October 14th  


BloodClaw Bob
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10/09/2017 9:48 pm  


 Saturday October 14th, 2017.  1000-1930





Entrance Fee:




  • ·     One Batallion Detachment ONLY. No other detachment may be selected, and armies must be battle forged.
  • No understrength units
  • Matched play rules will be in effect.
  • ·    Models must have 3 colors of paint, minimum to be eligible for any prizes


 Any codex that is released up to and including Saturday the 7th of October (the last Saturday release before the event) MAY be played. This is optional; any player may choose to play with index forces instead. HOWEVER, a player must select either index or codex to play from and cannot mix and match.  For example, index Space Marine players will not be allowed to use the Space Marine stratagems or chapter tactics presented in the new codex.


Players MAY use both index and codex for forces in their army as long as they are not part of the same faction. For example, a Codex Space Marines player may also bring index Astra Militarum in their detachment.


Official GW FAQs released up to and including Saturday the 7th of October will be used in the event.


The player who finishes deploying first will have a +1 in a rolloff to determine which player goes first.


Units deploying into reserve will be deployed last


Missions will be a mix of Eternal War (points scored at the end of the game) and Progressive (points gathered during the game).


Sign up will be at the Gamer's Haven. There will be no sign up sheet on the wall. Sing up begins this Friday (September 15th) Space is limited to 18 participants.



  • Most Battle Points
  • Favorite Player
  • Best Hobby 
  • Top award will go to the Best Overall in all three categories.

Maximum points in each category are: Battle Points (45), Hobby (20), and Sportsmanship (15).


There will be cash prizes in the form of Gamer's Haven Gift Cards.



Sign in: 1000 

Round 1: 1030-1245 

Lunch: 1245-1345

Round 2: 1345-1600

Round 3: 1615-1830

Awards: 1900


Please feel free to post any questions here about the event!

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13/09/2017 2:01 pm  

Count me in!

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14/09/2017 8:20 am  

Couple questions:

Can Forge World units be taken using the Forge World indices?

Does 'no under-strength units' mean you have to buy models in the groups listed for power levels, or just that it must be above the minimum? For example, could you take an 8 man space marine tactical squad, or would it have to be 5 or 10 marines?


BloodClaw Bob
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17/09/2017 8:03 pm  

Ulfilas: Yes, you may take forge world units as long as they fit within the specified detachment (no Lords of War and so forth), and you have the necessary keyword shared throughout your army (Imperium, for instance). For the under-strength restrictions, this simply means you may not have fewer models in a unit then what the index (or codex) specifies as the minimum unit size. This has not restriction on any models over the minimum size, so you can take 8 tactical marines. Hope this helps!

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26/09/2017 5:12 am  

I'm in.


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