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Hobby Challenge: May 2017  


Haven Edward
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01/05/2017 9:07 pm  

May 2017

Long Range Firepower


For May, the theme is "Long Range Firepower"
Some do their killing up close and personal, in the rage of close quarters combat; some do their killing from afar, cool and collected. Snipers have existed in one form or another for centuries; some have wielded bows, some have wielded bolt-action rifles, some have wielded a souped-up Imperial long-las. Channel your inner Mad Larkin (that's a Gaunt's Ghosts joke) and let's see your hidden killers! Thank you to Greg Wright for the suggestion! If snipers aren't your thing right now there is plenty of other kinds long range firepower to choose from!


Build and/or paint them by close of business on May 31st and post pictures of your finished work below to claim completion of the challenge! We will showcase completed challenges on our forums and Facebook!

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07/05/2017 6:13 am  

My entry this month will be two Hunters for the Federated States of America (Dystopian Legions). These models have the "Sniper" model assigned rule, meaning they ignore the target priority chain and can allocate attack dice against any model in range and line of sight. They have pretty good range, too...32". I started painting them a few years ago but got sidetracked by another project.


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