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Sale starting 25 Aug  


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26/08/2017 9:47 am  

FYI - Gamer's Haven now has all the non-new releases at 50% off, ahead of the new box sets. I just rounded out Masons and got some Brewers and Alchemists for under $30. (4 figs). Getting a half off Veteran Katalyst is SOOO tempting right now.

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19/09/2017 7:14 pm  

Thanks for the heads up! I grabbed a couple of the teams I have had my eye on for years (Fish and Butchers) to practice a new painting style, and kinda fell in love with the rules.

Do you know who would be a good contact for a demo/new player game?

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22/09/2017 7:36 pm  

Show up most Thursday nights and you should have a good opportunity for one. Dave Pettigrew and Jayden are good contacts to ask for.

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