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Gamer's Haven Summer events  


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12/05/2017 5:39 pm  

Here is a brief rundown of summer events coming up at Gamer's Haven! Check back for more as other things are scheduled, and look for more detailed information on these events soon. Feel free to ask questions about anything you don't see a post for.

MAY  13

Guild Ball Qualifier

MAY  13

Munchkin Game Day
MAY  20

Magic: Amonkhet Game Day
MAY  27

SW: Armageddon Campaign day
JUN  3
Malifaux Cake event
JUN  10

Coalescence: Age of Sigmar Narrative event
JUN  10

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament
JUN  17

Free RPG Day
JUN  24
League of Ladies
JUL  8
Magic Prerelease (Hour of Devastation)
JUL  29

League of Ladies

AUG  12
Annual Summer Auction!
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Warhammer 40,000: Word Bearers, Vostroyans, Blood Angels, Dark Eldar
Age of Sigmar: Chaos
Malifaux: Arcanists, Outcasts
Guild Ball: Fisherman's Guild

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22/05/2017 5:42 pm  

Put Malifaux cake is on my calendar.  See you then!


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