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2017 Annual Summer Auction!  


Haven Edward
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16/07/2017 6:28 pm  

Gamer’s Haven is holding our Auction as a means for you, our loyal customers, to have a little fun and earn a little credit at your favorite game store.

Bring your new or used games and game related items on Saturday, August 12th and let our highly trained staff of semi-professional auctioneers auction them off for you

Seller’s packets will be available at the front counter at Gamer’s Haven as of July 16th. Just sign up and take a packet. All the instructions, lot tickets, and information you need is in the packet.

Gamer's Haven will be open at 9:00am for sellers to bring in their lots and for buyers to look over the goods.

Sign up as a buyer and get your buyer’s paddle there.

The auction will begin at 11:00am. No lots will be accepted after the auction begins.

Attention Sellers:
All money earned from the sale of items in the auction will be retained by Gamer’s Haven, and an equal amount of credit will be placed in an account in your name for future purchases at Gamer’s Haven.

Neither Gamer’s Haven, nor its employees are responsible for the loss, theft or damage to items included in the auction.

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