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Starfinder- A review  


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18/08/2017 11:29 am  

So I was pleased to pick up my copy of Starfinder at Gamer's Haven yesterday. Here are my thoughts after a quick once over.


Art- The art in this book it beautiful. Even better than Pathfinder. The glossy aesthetic gives it a sense of being futuristic, yet retains the fantasy aspect as well.

Layout- A very well thought out layout. There are tabs on the side of the book that help keep track of the chapters I really like. They could have went a little darker with the lettering I felt and my only complaint really is that the Pathfinder races could have been in the beginning with the other races though I understand why they wanted to place them in the conversion section.

Mechanics- I began a PbP on Paizo's website, but have not really delved into the game in depth yet. At a glance things look a bit simpler, skills have been sized down, traits are replaced with "themes" which actually sound cool and are almost like a second class.  I am not sure about the archetypes introduced in this book. They made them non-class specific and they seem a hybrid of archetypes and prestige classes. All in all this seems to be a very well thought out version of one of the oldest RPGs out there.

Dead Suns- As much as I liked the main Starfinder book, I was however rather disappointed with the first AP offered. No players guide, no special themes, a thin booklet for the cost. The first few encounters I read through seemed rather mundane for the first official adventure. This pales in comparison to Rise of the Runelords or Curse of the Crimson Throne. Still I am excited to play the first AP and I have a feeling it will get better.

After all is said and done I would recommend this to anyone familiar with Pathfinder and wanting to try something a little different, or if you are new to RPGs this one is a pretty solid choice.

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21/08/2017 5:56 pm  

Good write-up! Thank you for the review!

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